• 14-17 September 2020
  • Paris, France

What is the MIPIM Urban Forum ?

One day of conferences with renowned experts providing insightful contents.

Meet European real estate key players & participate to post-Covid discussions to embrace the change in this fast moving period.

Embracing the Change



The whole world is facing an unprecedented time, which will completely change the way we interact with each other at least for the coming months.

Even if it will have a strong impact on business, times of uncertainty can be a unique opportunity to reshape the real estate landscape and implement new strategies. The entire real estate ecosystem needs to adjust how they operate and respond to their customers’ needs in this fast-moving world.

The whole world is facing an unprecedented moment, which will completely change the way we interact with each other at least for the coming months.

More than ever, the entire real estate ecosystem needs to adjust their functioning and respond to their customers’ needs in this fast-moving world


International real estate players and renowned experts will offer you insightful content and tools for action, into:

  • What are the short, mid and long-term impacts of this current situation?

  • How to reconsider relationships between the public and private sector? Is it a new era for other partnerships?

  • What will the city of tomorrow look like? How will it transform urban life - mobility, governance, infrastructure…?

  • Will there be a new mapmaking of real estate? What does it mean from an investment outlook?

  • In which countries are the major challenges? How are asset classes responding to new levels of supply and to new type of demand?

  • Is there a need to accelerate the adoption and adaptation of technology in Real Estate?

Focus on our Keynote Speaker

MIPIM Urban Forum is pleased to welcome Nicolas Sarkozy former President of the French Republic.

Widely considered one of the most influential of French presidents to date, Nicolas Sarkozy offers an unparalleled analysis of the most pressing issues of our time.

Nicolas Sarkozy served as the 23rd President of the French Republic (2007 to 2012). Prior to his presidency, Sarkozy served as Minister of State, Minister of the Interior and Spatial Planning and Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industry. A visionary leader who has dedicated his life to public service, Sarkozy is widely recognized for his hands-on tactics and straightforward approach in dealing with the most critical issues of our time—foreign policy, national security, global economics and immigration. Integral in the international community’s response to Libya’s civil war, he was also involved with brokering an end to the August 2008 conflict between Russia and Georgia and led the European Union’s response in establishing the G20 summits. Pragmatic and decisive, Sarkozy was at the forefront of the response to end the Euro Crisis and directed the bridging of a multi-year gap between the leaders of France and Germany. The recipient of numerous humanitarian awards and accolades and the author of several books on politics and the issues facing modern democracies, Sarkozy shares with audiences his perspective on the future and solutions to the challenges we face in the 21st century.

Confirmed speakers

Puneet Chhatwal

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

The Indian Hotels Company Limited

Marie-Cécile Tardieu


Business France

Philippe Chiambaretta

Architect and Founder


Franck Gervais

CEO Europe


Cecile DeGuillebon

VP, Real Estate & Facility Management


Jaebadiah Gardner

Founder & CEO

GardnerGlobal, Inc

Frederic Dib


MoZaïC Asset Management

Frédéric Durousseau

Chief Real Estate and Development Officer


Cécile Tricault

Regional Head Southern Europe


Tom Bloxham MBE


Urban Splash